Misericordias Domini K. 222
Written in Munich in early 1775, Misericordias Domini is an offertory setting intended for liturgical use, and is a contrapuntal exercise most likely based on a motif from Johann Ernst Eberlin’s Benedixisti Domine. Mozart wrote to Padre Martini about it in September 1776: “I composed for last year’s carnival at Munich an opera buffa, La finta giardiniera. A few days before my departure the Elector expressed a desire to hear some of my contrapuntal compositions. I was therefore obliged to write this motet in a great hurry, in order to have time to have the score copied for his Highness and to have the parts written out and thus enable it to be performed during the Offertory at High Mass on the following Sunday.” Padre Martini replied, “I find in it all that is required by modern music: good harmony, mature modulations, a moderate pace in the violins, a natural connection of the parts and good taste.”
Mozart: Misericordias Domini K. 222